Bayport Investigation

On December 6th, 2008, LIPRA Investigators invaded a private residence in Bayport NY. The house had a rich and wonderful history that dated back prior to the civil war. I must say that the homeowners not only were more than pleasant, they were absolutely a delight to be around. Both homeowners were extremely interested in our methodology and the way we went about our investigation. In particular the scientific aspect of explaining certain aspects of what they may have been experiencing.

Although there was only one unexplained anomaly caught on film, it was enough to raise eyebrows. With the homeowners permission we will place that up in the video library. However, we did appear to catch EVP’s ranging from a male to a woman to a child.

All in all the investigation went quite well and we hope to get to work with these people yet again as we feel that their second home may have some activity as well. More on that to come.

Until the next one,