The Devil’s Work

Written By Richard Caminiti
Founder: The Long Island Paranormal Research Association


That is the only question I have at the moment. Why are so many people intolerant of other people’s belief systems?  It seems to me that the intolerance not only breeds contempt, but hypocrisy as well.

Recently (as previously reported) we were looking for a reputable medium to work with us on a case. During our search, our Co-Founder, Melissa, contacted a medium via telephone. The medium wasn’t in, rather the phone was answered by (what I would surmise was) the receptionist.

When it was explained that we were paranormal investigators and we were looking for a medium to work with, this wonderfully open minded woman retorted;
“You know that’s the Devil’s Work, don’t you?”

Melissa (albeit a little shocked) quickly thanked the receptionist and hung up the phone.
Now I wonder how can you work for a psychic / medium and think THAT’S okay but yet WE do the Devil’s work?  After all, we try and find scientific explanations for what would be troubling a client.  So how can sweeping a house for Electromagnetic fields be considered “the Devil’s work”?

Other people I have talked to believe that this type of work is dangerous. Well yes it can be, to a point. Walking around in total darkness can always be dangerous. However, I try to explain, the techniques that we use are scientific in nature. We don’t invoke the spirits of our long lost ancestors; we don’t call upon Magi to help us. We certainly don’t believe in using any tools like the Ouija Board. While those things may have a place in other cultures, they do not in our association.

Our systematic approach to an investigation begins with an interview of the client, followed by a walkthrough of the home or place of business. We then set up a time for the investigation to take place.

At the investigation, we use digital cameras, digital recorders, 35mm cameras, DVR systems, and many other different pieces of equipment to gather data and visually record evidence.

So, once again I beg the question, how is that being the Devil’s work?  I thought it was scientific research. No different than the man or woman that discovers a new vaccine to a disease. Is that the Devil’s work as well?

It seems to me that mankind was given intelligence, and to not use that intelligence to resolve our quandaries (whatever they may be) would be quite wasteful.

As I wrap up this article, I am getting ready for another investigation that has been brought to our attention, but I am wary………

Could it be…? SATAN??